Last night, I had a Dream!

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I had a dream about you last night. You and I together only to be separated again. Sometimes I think of all those days spent with you in happy times. I was once & still am in love with you, I would be lying if I said I don’t think of us ever. All those walks we took, all those promises we made, the dreams shared, I remember them all. Do you? I hope yes, you do as well, I hope you are happy. I hope no corner of your heart is in pain and every thought of the memory is lost in time. I will live with it, but I won’t live knowing you too are in pain of what could never come true.

Every time I close my eyes, you are there. So do not worry about me, I’m not alone, I have you. I can’t explain you why I still love you, but I will always do. Sure, i will never tell you or anyone else, but silence wouldn’t make it any less true.

I dreamed of us together, you and I happy and in love. How is it even possible to not think of you? Even when I know its just a dream, i try to live it as long as possible because its the only place where i find you telling me you love me as we walk hand in hand, like we used to do.

I had a dream about you last night…you and i were happy again, you were by my side again. We were in love & we were happy, surely i knew it was a dream it had to be. Even in a dream the truth stings and screams at me there is no more us, no more we. But I had a dream about you; you said ‘I love you’ more than once & twice. Everything felt like it was, happy & nice, I was back where we lived, the life we built and a future we dreamed about. Didn’t we know that we were dreaming a dream that would never come true? We did. We always knew, yet we loved each other.We were in love and we were together.

Sometimes I wonder if I could go back, would I do things differently knowing it would always come to this. You and I away, apart and not meant to be together. I know I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t change a second of everyday with you.

I was and I’m in love with you, only you don’t know and will never know. Last night I had a dream I have had before, a dream of us walking by and meeting again, only to smile and walk away. How many times has that happened? I wonder if you try to read my mind when I tell you everything is great.

I hope you are unaware of the pain, I hope you have forgotten the life we lived; I hope you are being loved more than I loved you. I can live the pain but I know it’s too much for you, I hope you live in a world where there is no wind from memories. It would kill me to know you love me too, because I know how much it hurts every day. How will I live knowing you are in pain too?

Last night I had a dream about you and me, lying together, looking up, and talking of things we liked. We were happy, in love and young again. Every dream I have of you is a time machine, I hope I never stop dreaming. It hurts, but it also takes me back to life we had. We were in love and happy.

Last night, I had a dream about you and me….!!!!