I Quit Drinking Coffee For A Month

Coffee is a staple in many people’s daily routines. It can help give a boost of energy and improve focus. But what happens when you quit drinking coffee? I decided to find out by quitting coffee for a month and then starting again with just one cup per day. Here’s what I learned.

The Effects of Quitting Coffee

The first few days of quitting coffee were a struggle (not so much :P). I experienced headaches, weakness, and irritability. This is because caffeine is a stimulant that can alter brain chemistry and cause withdrawal symptoms when stopped abruptly. However, after about a week, I started to feel more energized in the mornings and didn’t experience the mid-day crashes I used to have. I also found that I was sleeping better at night.

Starting Again with One Cup Per Day

After a month of no coffee, I decided to start again but limit myself to just one cup per day. I was curious to see if I would have the same effects as before. To my surprise, I found that one cup of coffee per day actually gave me a noticeable boost of energy without any negative side effects. I also found that I was able to enjoy the taste of coffee more, as my taste buds had adjusted during the month without it.

Finding a Balance

Going without coffee for a month made me realize that I was relying on it too heavily for energy and productivity. By starting again with just one cup per day, I was able to find a balance that worked for me. I still enjoy the taste and benefits of coffee but am no longer dependent on it to function.


Quitting coffee for a month and then starting again with just one cup per day was a great experience. It showed me the effects that caffeine can have on the body and mind and helped me find a balance that works for me. If you’re considering quitting coffee, I would encourage you to try it out and see what you learn about your own relationship with caffeine.