Top-3 takeaways from the Stillness is the Key

Recently, I read Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday, and after enjoying it (spoiler) I decided that I needed to review this one. Philosophy is a topic that resonates with me a lot. And in addition to that, I really liked the earlier work of Ryan Holiday. So let’s jump into it!

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????????????????????????: 288 Pages

???????????????? ????????????????????????????????: Philosophy, Stoicism, Psychology

???????????????????????????? ????????????????????: Fairly Easy

Rating: 8.5/10

The book is divided into 3 parts: Mind, Spirit, and Body. The trifecta of perennial peace. Under these broad topics, come smaller digestible chapters focussing on actions and practices required to achieve the final goal.

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Stillness is the state you get into if you when you’re calm, collected and everything seems to move effortlessly. This book is all about gaining stillness in an overstimulated and busy world. This book will help you to be more ‘still’, and Ryan gives you examples of greats who are still and how they acquired that stillness.

Let’s jump to my top-3 takeaways from this book.

My Top-3 takeaways from the Stillness is the Key

1️⃣ Journaling is crucial to gaining mental clarity. I knew deep down that journaling is a great way to clear your head and arrange your thoughts. But after reading this book I decided to make it a habit, I never looked back since!

2️⃣ When enough is enough. We live in an age where ‘less is more isn’t the main aim, but ‘more is what people seek after. Deciding your ‘enough’ in many aspects of life will aid you to be still. The constant pursuit of more will never stop. You need to know when you have enough to keep the goalpost from moving.

3️⃣ It’s okay to say ‘NO’. People tend to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes up. The problem with that is that you can’t possibly be aware and contribute at a high level if you commit to everything. Saying no to some opportunities will make you devote more useful energy to the thing you said ‘yes’ too.


If you want to find more mental clarity (stillness as Ryan refers to it in this book), and you love reading books on philosophy and stoicism then this book could very well be the most wisdom-filled. For me, someone who is 20, the wise adages and sayings of the lives well lived by the fine men and women of this earth, motivate and satiate my soul. They give me hope and inspiration, peace, and resurgence.

Stillness is the key…

  • to thinking clearly
  • to seeing the whole chessboard
  • to making tough decisions
  • to managing our emotions
  • to identify the right goals
  • to handling high-pressure situations
  • to maintaining relationships
  • to building good habits
  • to being productive
  • to physical excellence
  • to feeling fulfilled
  • to capturing moments of laughter and joy

A book to revisit intermittently, grasp repeatedly and apply immediately.