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I'm an ambitious Software Engineer, Content Creator, and Blogger hailing from the heart of the Himalayas.
My Story

????‍???? I’m a Software Engineer based in Nepal with a strong background in Computer Engineering, having completed a 4-year program at Pokhara University. My expertise lies in the field of software development and engineering.

???? On my YouTube channel, I create engaging videos covering a wide range of topics including technology, productivity, and lifestyle. You can explore my channel and discover some of my most popular videos that provide valuable insights and tips.

???? Additionally, I curate a weekly email newsletter that I send out every Sunday. In this newsletter, I share my thoughts on various subjects that I’ve been contemplating, along with recommendations for books, articles, and podcasts that I’ve been enjoying. You can browse through the previous issues and consider subscribing to stay updated with my latest content and recommendations. It’s a great way to dive deeper into the topics I explore.

✍️ On this website, I write in-depth articles about productivity, entrepreneurship, and general life advice that I’ve found beneficial throughout my journey. I also share my favorite applications and technologies that can enhance productivity and streamline daily tasks. By exploring the articles on this platform, you can gain valuable insights and practical tips to improve various aspects of your life.

Feel free to explore my YouTube channel, subscribe to my email newsletter, and dive into the articles on this website to discover a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. I’m passionate about sharing my experiences and insights to help others succeed and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Get in Touch

???? Twitter – If you have a quick question or message that can be conveyed in less than 280 characters, feel free to tweet me @SumanKhdka. I make it a priority to respond promptly and engage with my followers. Please note that I occasionally reply to Instagram DMs as well, although it may take a bit longer due to the limitations of the platform.

???? Email – For longer discussions or if you prefer a more private conversation, you can reach out to me via email at [email protected]. Rest assured that I read every email I receive, although due to time constraints, I can only reply to approximately 30% of them. However, if you reply to my weekly Sunday newsletter with a specific question, the chances of receiving a response are significantly higher. Sundays are my dedicated time to relax and engage with emails.

☕️ In-person – I genuinely enjoy meeting people face-to-face and having meaningful conversations. If you’re interested in meeting up for a coffee or an in-person discussion, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s connect and share ideas and experiences in a more personal setting.

Software Engineer

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Content Creator

Join over 1000+ others on the Suman's Blog email list to get access to exclusive content, tools and tips.


Join over 1000+ others on the Suman's Blog email list to get access to exclusive content, tools and tips.